Governance and Collaboration

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Local Governance and Steering Committee (Boston Alliance for Young Children’s Social Emotional Wellness (BAYCSEW):

State-wide Advisory and Thought Partners

Partnership for ECMH

Critical State Agency Engagement

Partners in Adapting the LAUNCH-MYCHILD Model for ECMH Integration

Project LAUNCH sites

Young Children’s Multi-City SOC Partners


LAUNCH and MYCHILD Model Origination Partners (2010-2016)

Project LAUNCH sites

  • Boston Medical Center
  • Codman Square Health Center
  • Martha Eliot Health Center

MYCHILDMassachusetts Young Children’s Health Initiative for Learning and Development This program will build a system of care for young children up to age six who live in Boston who have or are high risk f… More sites

  • Boston Healthcare for the Homeless
  • Bowdoin Street Health Center
  • Charles River Community Health Center (Formerly Joseph Smith CHCCommunity Health Center With a mission to serve the high-need communities in which they are located, these centers can leverage state and federal resources to achieve this goal.  Most health centers … More)
  • Dorchester House Multiservice Center

LAUNCH-MYCHILD Model Expansion Partners (2015-2021)

  • Project LAUNCH Linking Actions for Unmet Needs in Children’s Health The purpose of Project LAUNCH (Linking Actions for Unmet Needs in Children’s Health) is to promote the wellness of young children ages birth … More sites
  • Baystate’s High Street Pediatrics Office
  • Family Health Center of Worcester
  • South End Community Health Center
  • Young Children’s Multi-City SOC Partners
    • Community Health Link (Worcester)
    • Gandara Center (Springfield)
    • The Home for Little Wanders (Boston)


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