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ECMH First in Action


The ECMH FIRST Project seeks to sustain a system of care (SOC) which can meet the specific mental health needs of children birth to 48 months, who are part of the child welfare system. The three pillars of this SOC are developing an evidence informed service delivery model, local and statewide partnerships, and ensuring statewide infrastructure to maintain the SOC indefinitely.

Direct Service Implementation

The Intent

Support families involved in the child welfare system to identify and access culturally and clinically appropriate services/supports to optimize young children’s mental health, including:

  • Early Intervention and Early Education and Care
  • Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative (In-home Therapy, Intensive Care Coordination, Outpatient Therapy, Family Partners, Therapeutic Mentors, In-home Behavioral Services)
  • Primary care
  • Adult mental health and trauma treatment
  • Adult substance use and recovery
  • Services to address families’ social determinants of health (ie-employment, housing, income support, food insecurity, adult education, immigration, criminal justice system involvement, etc.)

The Team

Family Partner, Clinician, and Coordinator

The Values

  • Actively Advancing Racial Justice and Health Equity
  • Trauma Informed
  • ECMH Driven
  • Family Centered
  • Integrated with Child Welfare

The Direct Service Implementation Partner

Children’s Services of Roxbury

The Evaluator

Northeastern University’s Institute of Health Equity & Social Justice Research

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