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From Our Friends

Here we share resources relevant to ECMH from non-ECMH programs at Partnership member agencies. is a family friendly website designed for parents of school-aged children in Massachusetts who are worried about their child’s mental health. Is your kid just being a kid, or is their behavior something to worry about? If so, what are the next steps you can take? HandHold is here to help you figure that out.

Click here to view the media kit.

Encompass is an innovative program to engage and mobilize community volunteers to support foster parents in the Greater Worcester Area by giving of their time and donating tangible goods. Learn more and get involved here. is a website created to support individuals on their journey to and through recovery. Wherever you are on your recovery or parenting journey, this website is for you. Here you will find advice, information, and resources to help you take care of yourself and your family.

The Community Action Network, or CAN for short, is a group of community residents, representatives from community-based organizations, healthcare, government, and other groups that are working together to reduce racial inequities in infant mortality and poor birth outcomes in Boston through policy and community level changes. Learn more and get involved here.

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