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In a state as resource rich as Massachusetts, convening stakeholders is no small task. 

meetings Partnership Members co-convene

Young Children’s Council

Convened quarterly, the Young Children’s Council (YCC) is the advisory for the Massachusetts (MA) Department of Public Health’s (DPH) the Division of Pregnancy, Infancy, and Early Childhood (DPIE) programs and initiatives that focus on early childhood systems building and mental health. Council members include state and community agency representatives. It also includes growing family representation, with a goal to engage families in YCC planning and decision making, including working to change meeting practices and structure to ensure families have an equitable seat at the table.

Children’s Mental Health Campaign’s Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Workgroup

Every other month, we convene public and private entities to discuss issues pertaining to IECMH with an emphasis on breaking down silos and making sure everyone is up to date on our collective work. Sign-up for the newsletter and find out about meetings here. 


The Department of Mental Health

The Department of Mental Health facilitates an Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Policy Workgroup every other month, gathering key stakeholders from different state agencies, as well as other key private partners, to elevate the importance of IECMH policy across all state agencies. It coordinates themes and efforts with the CMHC’s IECMH meeting. The Policy Workgroup also convenes and facilitates several subgroups, as needed to work on specific topics, like the IECMH Integration Workgroup and the DC: 0-5 Workgroup.

The Boston Alliance for Young Children’s Social Emotional Wellness

The Boston Alliance for Young Children’s Social Emotional Wellness (BAYCSEW “bake sew”) meets the 1st Friday of every month. This is a public community meeting for anyone who cares about young children. Learn more here.


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